May 29, 2023

Christmas market check in kronach: let the glow begin

Christmas market check in kronach: let the glow begin

A hint of cinnamon, a subtle hint of aniseed and a hint of cardamom in the finish – an exquisite vintage!

We joke naturally – if you want to drink gluhwein, you don't have to be a wine connoisseur. It doesn't matter whether it's female or red, with or without a shot or completely without alcohol, the main thing is that it tastes good. Even if everyone has their own personal favorites, there's one thing everyone agrees on: when the temperatures are frosty and you're bundled up with a mug, scarf and gloves, a steaming hot drink is simply a must for a christmas market stroll. But anyone who took advantage of the past weekend to inspect the stalls on marienplatz will have noticed that red or female has long ceased to be the only question to be asked.

Huge choice of drinks

At almost every gluhwein stand you will find a long menu with countless different creations. From non-alcoholic punch variants to all kinds of high-proof mixed drinks, the selection is huge. That's why the FT editorial team took the liberty of starting a small test run. We have the "recommendation of the house" we tasted through classics and new creations and summarized our test results.

Of course, this test reflects a purely subjective opinion, and everyone should form his or her own opinion of patty, giny and co. Form on the market.

Gluhbo – the stubborn one

this "gluhbier" stands out from the rest. Bockbierwurze gives the gluhwein a pleasantly tart, not too sube note. The small bottles are handy and look nice.

Conclusion: witty presentation and surprising taste – for those who like to try it.

Yellow flake – the rich one

egg liqueur, vanilla cream and cinnamon – what fits into the christmas bakery can't hurt at the gluhwein stand. The "secret recipe of the egg punch is not betrayed. The vanilla note tastes good through, each additional calorie also.

Conclusion: you can save dinner – for sugar junkies.
Rumkugel: the final opponent

this drink lives up to its name: in addition to gluhwein, rum and cream, an extra portion of rum cherries ends up in the cup here. Gluhwein and rum are very tart – the sube cream absorbs that. Even she cannot hide the strong taste of alcohol.

Conclusion: strong, tart and a bit too much of a good thing – for friends of rumtopf.

Giny: the unusual

looks like a summer cocktail, but is served heib. Behind the name giny are women's gluhwein, organ juice and gin – this mix is this year's test of courage at the christmas market. The gin connoisseur of the editorial staff was convinced by the ausreiber in the test.

Conclusion: fruity and light – for a touch of beach feeling.

Belgian gluhbier – the compromise

beer or gluhwein – the question does not arise with belgian gluhbier. The heibe kirsch beer is not too sub and not too tart, only the foamy crown is not quite right yet.

Conclusion: suffig and tasty – recommendation of the editors.

Peppermint patty – the sube

if you like after-eight, you'll love the latest creation at jochen's heiber booth. Cocoa, peppermint liqueur and cream and for the crowning of the sugar shock there are also mini-marshmallows on the top.

Conclusion: more dessert than drink – for unicorn lovers.

Red gluhwein – the noble one

a big plus at the gluhwein-stand of the rotary club: here they still mix it themselves. Red wine, rum and elderberry juice can be tasted as well as clove and aniseed. Very fine spice note!

Conclusion: mild taste, not too sub – for enjoyment.

Fire cup – the high-proof

the own creation at the stand of matthias lange falls under the category "feuerzangenbowle" – the recipe remains a secret. The additional shot rum can not be denied, because it burns properly. Plus points for the presentation with burning sugar cane.

Conclusion: a lot of rum helps a lot – for hard-boiled.

Christkindles-gluhwein – the classic

the original nurnberger christkindles-gluhwein is also represented. The recommendation of the head of the booth stefan polifka is children's gluhwein with "real" wine mix. The sugar level rises faster than the alcohol level.

Conclusion: solid tart-subtle taste – for the traditionalist.


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