May 29, 2023

Cemetery in planning

Cemetery in planning

During the castle meeting in enheim, mayor rainer ott gave an overview of planned projects. In addition, he answered questions from the burgers at the goldener stern inn on wednesday evening.

After new windows were installed in the mortuary in enheim last year, the creation of a cemetery meadow is planned for this year. This is to be built in the cemetery on the western cemetery wall and is expected to contain 16 urn fields. The wall will be provided with a place to put signs and a flat place to put flowers. The details still have to be discussed in the municipal council.

Also planned for this year is a new oil separator for the washing area in enheim, so that it can be used again. It is expected that the cistern will also be enlarged so that more water can be stored overnight.

Councillor ulrich falk reported that refugee families have been accommodated in two houses in enheim for the past year. A total of 67 people have been cared for so far, currently there are 26, with the community and church congregation working together. For example, german courses are offered in the parish hall and children can use the kindergarten and elementary school.

When asked when the road from enheim to the federal highway B13 will be renewed, the mayor was unable to provide any information. Since it is a state road, the state construction office is responsible. However, because of the poor condition, the municipality wants to write to this again.

A turn-off sign at the junction to obernbreit at the bend between enheim and the slip road to the A 7 freeway was rejected by the responsible authorities, informed rainer ott.

The construction projects required for the connection to the ochsenfurt wastewater association (AVO) will be explained in a separate event. Currently, there is no detailed planning by an engineering firm yet. The existing clearing system between martinsheim and enheim will probably continue to be used as a retention basin, the mayor answered the questions.

Complaints again about dog feces contamination. Here it should be pointed out again in the municipal news that the dog owners should remove it.


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