May 29, 2023

A plus for ecology in volkach

A plus for ecology in volkach

The "save the bees" petition has awakened many people and municipal representatives. However, the city of volkach did not need this wake-up call in terms of nature and environmental protection, as it had already begun to restructure its land management, according to a press release.

The city council had decided to base the management of the city’s public grounds on ecological (insect-friendly and species-appropriate), low-maintenance and durable aspects. The city sees itself as a pioneer in this area and, with this commitment, also wants to motivate citizens and hobby gardeners to counteract insect mortality by planting species-appropriate plants in their own gardens.

In a first step, the building yard, which is responsible for the implementation, and its city gardeners mow the green belt in front of the city walls only once a year for ecological reasons. This creates ideal conditions for insects and bees to live without any major effort. This winter, the fairground was not completely cleared of leaves, as is usually the case, so hedgehogs and other small animals had a perfect place to hibernate and create humus.

Redesigning beds in an ecologically sensible way

In the meantime, in a second step, contact was made with an expert in perennial gardening. The plan is to redesign the beds in different parts of the city in the spring in an ecologically sensible way. For example, perennials are planted that grow on pure sand, requiring little to no water and thus less maintenance. As a pilot project, the city gardeners decided on the bed near the mainschleifenhalle.

If the test runs successfully, the changeover will be gradual. The building yard liked to move away from annual plants and replanting several times a year. In order to make and keep the green areas of volkach not only ecologically sound but also visually appealing, so-called flower strips have been incorporated for several years, attracting butterflies and bees with their colorful mixtures and delighting the visitors.

The city of volkach wanted to further raise ecological awareness and pave the way for improved environmental protection by consistently switching to low-maintenance and insect-friendly plantings.


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