May 29, 2023

25.000 Jobs at american airlines in jeopardy

25.000 jobs at american airlines in jeopardy

U.S. Airline american airlines prepares deep staff cuts as corona pandemic strain continues.

About one-fifth of the workforce could be put on forced unpaid leave starting in october, according to an internal memo. 25.000 employees have already received warnings to this effect.

"With rising infection rates and several u.S. States reinstating quarantine restrictions, demand for air travel is falling again," doug parker and robert isom, the group’s chief executives, said in the letter to the workforce. In june, american’s revenue had dropped by over 80 percent year-on-year. Hopes of a speedy recovery have meanwhile faded away.

In return for 25 billion dollars (22 billion euros) in government aid in the corona crisis, u.S. Airlines such as american airlines had to agree not to cut staff until the end of september. However, since the situation in the industry remains precarious and has even worsened again recently due to the renewed escalation of the corona crisis in the USA, there is now a threat of a wave of redundancies in the fall.

United airlines also had 36 youngsters.000 employees – over a third of his staff – informed of impending forced leave of absence. However, not everyone who receives the warnings must ultimately be affected. U.S. Companies are required to give employees 60 days’ notice. For the time being, american and united airlines want to continue to rely on voluntary solutions.


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