May 29, 2023

13-Year-old drowns while swimming in swimming lake

13-year-old drowns while swimming in swimming lake

A 13-year-old drowned in a popular bathing lake in elchingen (neu-ulm district). A rescue diver found the young man lifeless in the schutzensee lake and pulled him out of the water, the police prasidium schwaben sud/west announced in kempten on monday.

Boy dies in hospital

Bub was resuscitated but later died in hospital. The criminal investigation department is now investigating with the help of the public prosecutor's office in memmingen how the accident could have happened on sunday afternoon and how well the boy was able to swim.

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13-year-old went into the water alone

The 13-year-old was at the lake with two younger siblings, a neighbor and her child. After a common bath he went again alone into the water. When he did not return for a long time, the woman searched for him and asked for help from the water rescue service, which eventually called in the fire department and other rescue forces as reinforcements.

The police asked all bathers to get out of the water. The 6.5-hectare former quarry pond with its sunbathing lawns is a popular recreation area northeast of neu-ulm and is up to eight meters deep.

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